• Step 1: Open your own Showroom / Art Gallery

    Register your business at seller.mandan.com
    Create your profile.
    List your products under specific product categories.

  • Step 2: Receiving orders

    Art lovers or customers can view your articles and purchase online.
    Once an order is received, you can view on dashboard or our team contact with you.

  • Step 3: We deliver your orders

    Our logistics partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer.
    You can store your articles in our centers. We will deliver it to customers.

  • Step 4: Receiving payments

    Once an order is successfully dispatched, we will transfer funds directly into your account
    within 7 days

  • Step 5: Expand your business

    We give you a step-by-step guidance for:-
    How to list your products on our website?
    >Assistance for development of your catalogs, Export documentation, Promotions, Branding
    And many more techniques for boosting your sell